FlashbackFridays – Happy Birthday Bastien Salabanzi

Back in 2004, when the annual euro-contest-circuit was still happening, along with demo tours of various teams, and Limited magazine was still existing in print, i had the great pleasure of traveling with the Flip Team to Iceland. This happend inbetween the two Contests Dortmund and Prague, via a layover in London, where Appleyard 360 flipped the Meanwhile II Gap, within minutes, just for the record. When arriving on Iceland, we were all pretty stunned by pretty much everything. We had two little demos and the remaining time was meant to „recreate“ inbetween the two comps. Well, „recreate“ with the Flip Team back then more likely meant „we don´t give a fuck about anything“, which lead to Ewan, Bastien and me flying to Prague on our owns on the third day. Ian was still searching for Appleyard and Boulala who got „lost“ in the blue lagoon. I will never forget the last words the hotel lady was shouting at Bastien whilst we were leaving: „…and i told you before, this is a NON-SMOKING familiy hotel and i know you guys didn´t only smoke cigarettes“! Bastien was litterally rolling again whilst these words were adressed to him, already sitting in the van, and Ian promised to pay for the room. This cab-flip sequence was shot at the only street-session we had, at possibly the only legit street-spot on the whole island! Great times, happy birthday Bastien!


Bastien Salabanzi – Cab Flip / Reykjavik 2004

Words & Photos: T. Gentsch