FlashBackFridays – Luan Oliveira


It must have been 2009 when we ended up in San Jose after one of those infamous „FLIP Feast Tours“! After those demo tours, it felt like almost a relief just to go out for some street action – and even if injured or sore, the vibes were always extremely high. For Luan, back in those days, coming to this „over the rail gap“ in SJ was like a dream come true. It was one of those spots you´ve seen in videos and always wanted to do some trick at. Skateboarding machine that he is, he soon decided to just Fs Biggie Heel that bar and a couple of tries later rode away pretty much as clean as possible! Witness the perfection!

Luan Oliveira – Fs Bigspin Heelflip


Seq. & Text: T. Gentsch